7115 by Szeki is a clothing brand with shops on New York’s Lower East Side, Brooklyn, and Copenhagen. Named for the Hong Kong born owner and designer Szeki, the 7115 is the telegram code for her family on her identity card.

The 7115 by Szeki shops are bright and airy, showcasing a collection of garments for both men and women that are understated, timeless, and seasonless. The color palette is mainly neutral with accents of color. The fabrics are natural; wool, cotton, silk, and a favorite of Szeki’s, a linen/rayon blend. Pants are popular, the fit perfected to suit a broad range of body types, and dresses sell well too. The clothes are designed that people can bring their own individual style to them.

"We are deeply invested in the idea of owning less and loving what you have. This ethos is an integral part of our pursuit to produce all 7115 garments in small batches, allowing us to avoid excess and also ensure that each piece is expertly crafted and tailored to provide superb comfort and functionality that will serve our wearer for years to come."


Szeki Chan, a former pop singer in Hong Kong, started designing clothes with her mother when she was 21. Her first business was a tiny shop selling handmade jewelry. After moving into a larger space she launched her 7115 by Szeki brand. Her aesthetic is well-crafted, timeless pieces, and she believes the interior of the garment is as important as the outside, that a well-constructed garment is going to lay and fit better.