Bleuet Coquelicot

Flowers Plants

Paris Store 10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 Paris Paris, FR


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  • Seasonal and local flowers and plants.
  • Inspiringly decorative floral displays.
  • Located on a charming Parisian street.

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Bleuet Coqeulicot is a jewel-box store brimming with flowers and plants in the Canal St. Martin neighborhood of Paris. An artisan florist, Tom has crafted his shop using materials he collected over the years. The diminutive 100-square-foot shop features frescoed walls, a vintage-tiled floor and the most gorgeous display of stunning flowers and plants that spill out onto the sidewalk.

Bleuet Coquelicot translates to Cornflower Poppy, a French alternative to the traditional poppy. Tom favors flowers that are seasonal and sourced locally respecting nature's cycles and the environment. Plants from all corners of the earth that have been bought to Paris over the centuries by explorers are gathered, nurtured and grown by Tom to offer to his customers.

"Artisan florist, local seasonal flowers and plants, for nature lovers."