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Andes Store 7 Main Street, Andes, NY 13731, USA



  • Kids clothes, antiques, & toys.
  • Women's clothing and accessories.
  • Menswear clothing and accessories.

Andes Store

7 Main Street


Clementine Vintage Clothing with its crisp, uncluttered white interior does not feel like a typical vintage clothing store. Racks of clothes are displayed and merchandised by color story in an appealing fashion that beckons exploration. Located in the charming town of Andes in the western Catskills, Clementine Vintage Clothing was founded by Misha Mayers in 2008. Misha's retail experience in the fashion industry and as director of merchandising for Ralph Lauren, Japan is clearly on display in her store. Her curated collection of vintage to fit a Catskills lifestyle is popular with both locals and visitors to Upstate New York.

"Curated Vintage to fit a Catskills Lifestyle."