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Delhi Store 95 Main Street, Delhi, NY 13753, USA

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  • Locally printed T-shirts & Sweatshirts.
  • Goods celebrating Delaware County culture.

Delhi Store

95 Main Street


DELCO, a store that bridges art, design, fashion, and photography was established in 2015 by Doug Perrett and David Covell. The brand celebrates the rural culture of Delaware County in Upstate New York, where the shop is located. DELCO offers locally-printed T-shirts and sweatshirts, branded hats, goods from local makers and artists.

"Online is dead. We give our customers a 360 authentic experience in real time with storytelling through Snapchat, Tiktok etc. One day we are at the pro race track, or camping in the mountains at a country music festival, or spending the whole week at the county fair. Our customer engagement is where they are at."