Eva Joan

Repair Sewing Womenswear Vintage

New York Store 28 Jane Street, West Village, New York, NY 10014, USA


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  • Garment embroidery and embellishment.
  • Vintage clothing and textiles.
  • Mending, patching, and tailoring services.

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Eva Joan is a creative repair and alteration shop that doesn’t just repair but embellishes and embroiders garments with flair and gusto. Co-founders Bjorn Eva Park and Emma Villeneuve have a mission to not just mend garments but to "reinvent the things you own in a way that will prolong its life, ideally forever." Plus, there's a good chance that your repaired garment will be more loved and definitely more unique once Bjorn and Emma have worked their magic.

Named after the co-founders grandmothers, Eva Joan opened in 2021 in New York's West Village. As noted on their website -

"Fix your ex’s motorcycle jacket- it would look better on you anyway; reconsider that stain, it’s just a patch waiting to happen; embroider some flames on that ass and walk out proud."