Goose Barnacle


New York Store 91 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA


  • Goose Barnacle branded soccer gear.
  • European-made Goose Barnacle raw denim and shirts.
  • Art gallery featuring a variety of rotating artists.

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Goose Barnacle is a neighborhood menswear store with an art gallery and an invitation-only club that allows members access to their back room bar and garden. Football (of the soccer kind) fan and Brooklyn Heights native, David Alperin, established Goose Barnacle in 2010. Named after a Spanish delicacy, goose barnacles, that grow on rocks in the rough seas of North Western Spain and were served to David by his grandmother when he visited.

Vintage furniture, signs, rugs, and curiosities paired with artwork make for an interesting space to showcase Goose Barnacle's selection of menswear that spans classic, timeless pieces as well as unique, one-of-a-kind items. The namesake collection features raw denim and shirts made in Italy and Portugal, as well as signature "Goose Barnacle" footie gear.

A menswear store and art gallery and with an invitation-only club that allows access to their back room bar and garden.