The Hub General Store

General Homeware Stationery Food Gift

Melbourne Store 36 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Melbourne VIC 3066, AU


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  • Goods for the whole family.
  • Kitchen & Housekeeping products.
  • Outdoor & garden gear.

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The Hub General Store, founded in 2017 by Jacqueline Foti-Lowe director and founder of Hub Furniture, is located in the Collingwood area of Melbourne. Behind the red brick facade there are three rooms filled with a variety of goods for daily living. From pantry provisions to housekeeping essentials, gardening tools to art, there are goods for the whole family including pets.

The Hub General Store brings you a range of every day tools for life. From the kitchen to apparel, each object tells a story of the maker and its purpose. Built to last, each object revered for its utilitarian purpose and design.

Photos courtesy The Hub General Store