Jill Platner


New York Store 165 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012, USA


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  • 19K gold & silver jewelry.
  • Unisex, men's and women's designs.
  • Articulated metal sculptures.

New York Store

165 Crosby Street


Artist Jill Platner creates sculptural jewelry at her studio on Crosby Street that is also home to her store. The historic building dating to 1823 has served as Jill Platner's workspace where she fabricates her sculptures and jewelry for decades though recently underwent a major renovation to provide a space for her new shop, adding a new steel storefront.

Jill Platner's jewelry is bold and scuptural, many of the designs worn by both men and women. She works in both sterling silver and 19K gold, a proprietary mix of gold, silver, and trace amounts of copper. The vast majority of metal used at Jill Platner is recycled, and the company offers a programme melting customers unwanted gold jewelry in exchange for new Jill Platner jewelry.

Jill Platner's sculptures are available in a variety of sizes, both free-standing and suspended.

"We handcraft every piece of jewelry with an exceptionally skilled team of artists, masterminds and technicians here at our Crosby Street studio."