Ladurée is the iconic French patisserie and tearoom known for their pastel colored macarons. Founded in Paris in 1862, the original celadon green patisserie with its cherub painted ceiling is located on Rue Royal adjacent to Place de la Madeleine.

Ladurée began its expansion in 2002 opening first in Paris' Saint-Germain-des-Prés followed by stores in London and then around the world. As well as Ladurée's signature macarons their tearooms offer a selection of chocolates, pastries, cakes, and teas.

"In 1930, the Parisian pastry chef Pierre Desfontaines, a cousin of the creator of Maison Ladurée, had the ingenious idea of ​​assembling two macaron shells, garnished with a tasty ganache. This is how the Parisian macaron as we know it today was born."