London Undercover is a specialty boutique celebrating the quintessentially British accessory, the umbrella. Established in 2008, London Undercover's offering ranges from telescopic folding umbrellas to handmade wooden stick styles in an assortment of classic and fashion colors and patterns. The first London Undercover store opened in Spitalfields followed by the Bloomsbury location. In 2023 the Spitalfields 450 square feet store underwent a modern renovation and added a sleek coffee bar.

The umbrellas are crafted using age-old techniques with, the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship. London Undercover offers the option to customize their brollies with their Bespoke Engraving Service. Over the years the company has collaborated with many brands including Carhartt, Fred Perry, Monocle, Liberty, Vans, and A Bathing Ape.

"With the celebration of Britishness at the core, London Undercover continues to bring the humble umbrella to life."