Manready Mercantile


Houston Store 321 W 19h Street, Suite C, Houston, Texas 77008, USA


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  • Great mix of menswear and accessories.
  • Rugged, rustic Americana lodge vibes.
  • Pour your own candle bar.

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Work hard, live well. This is the mantra of Manready Mercantile, a curated collection of menswear and goods with shops in Houston and Austin, Texas. More than just a storefront, Manready is a movement, the embodiment of a lifestyle of authenticity, bravery, and community. There is a unique perspective on the customer experience. Not one determined by excel sheets and market analytics, but rather driven by conversations, community engagement, and more than just occasional glasses of whiskey. They carry the finest apothecary, leather, and handmade American goods, the ultimate one-stop for the adventurer and the gentleman.

"We didn’t have time to think about the idea that it could fail. We only prepared for success."

Travis Weaver, shopkeeper at Manready Mercantile


Manready’s larger-than-life persona is the product of hard-won stories and humble beginnings. In November 2012, Travis Weaver struck out with a simple idea: to sell handmade goods, be honest, and work hard. There was no brick and mortar, no significant Instagram following, no investors, just a man and his vision. From the back of his truck to bars in town, Travis was willing to start anywhere, he just needed to build momentum. From hand-pouring candles on a stovetop in his own apartment in Houston, to proprietor of two Manready Mercantile stores.

Photographs: Jeremy & Christi Barnes

Words: Jeremy Barnes

Excerpted from Woven Magazine