Zero + Maria Cornejo


New York Store 33 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012, USA


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  • Maria Cornejo's clothing collection.
  • The designer's footwear collection.
  • Designed & made in New York.

New York Store

33 Bleecker Street


Award-winning designer, Maria Cornejo's flagship store showcases her collection of womenswear clothing and shoes. The designer's signature look is created by draping luxury fabrics in geometric shapes into sophisticated, flattering garments. The Zero + Maris Cornejo brand was founded in 1998, the store opening in its current location in NoHo in 2009 which also serves as the designer's atelier.

"At the heart of each Zero + Maria Cornejo garment is a commitment to make desirable fashion for real women that lasts beyond a single season and become cherished items in a woman’s wardrobe."