Antica Libreria Cascianelli


Rome Store Largo Febo, 15, 00186 Rome, IT


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  • One of Rome's oldest bookshops.
  • Antiquarian books & curiosities.
  • A secret bookcase opens into backrooms.

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A beautiful stone arched doorway is the entrance into Antica Libreria Cascianelli, one of Rome's oldest bookstores. Founded in 1835, the bookshop has changed little since the nineteenth century, boasting original wood panelling and blown glass bookcases that showcase a collection of antiquarian books on Roman History, literature, botany, medicine. religion, science, art, and rare first editions. Throughout the space there are vignettes of objets d'art and curiosities.

The bookstore served as a backdrop for Gucci's Pre-Fall 2017 photography campaign.

"The décor essentially unchanged since the early XIXth century, complete with an original rail mechanism that operates the retractable store window, and a secret bookcase door opening to backrooms, likely the set for clandestine meetings."