A charming Parisian courtyard in the Bastille area is home to several atelier shops, one being the gorgeous Antoinette Poisson. Founded in 2012 by two heritage restorers, Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin, who have revived the 18th Century decorative arts and production techniques of domino papers.

The handcrafted domino papers are block printed and then colored by hand. Traditionally the papers were used to cover books and boxes, and as wallpaper in small rooms and alcoves. Antoinette Poisson creates their domino papers in the shops neighboring workshop. The domino papers are framed as art, their patterns inspiring a range of products from wallpaper to fabric, stationery to the traditional covered boxes.

Porte-Liberté, Port-Louis

Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin opened a second store, named Port-Liberté, in June 2023 in the maritime city of Port-Louis in Brittanny. Staying true to the to the history of the city through which riches from the Orient transited in the 18th century, Port-Liberté is a modern trading post that offers a beautifully-appointed shop, restaurant, and a guest suite on the second floor.

The shop showcases Antoinette Poisson goods alongside a selection of their favorite wares by makers La Soufflerie , John Derian , Kühn Keramik , artisanal soaps from The Bather, and drawing materials from Sennelier.

"Designed as a “chic bazaar”, this new place combines a  decoration store  on the street side, with a restaurant space and  tea room  on the garden side, as well as a guest suite to welcome travelers. Carefully selected artisanal or manufactured creations and flea market objects found during strolls rub shoulders with the emblematic creations of the Parisian house: dominoté papers, notebooks, cushions, wallpaper and fabrics."