BDnet Récréativ'

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Paris Store 1 Passage Lhomme, 75011 Paris, FR


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  • Extensive selection of children's books.
  • Stuffed animals, toys, and games.
  • Located on a charming pedestrian cobblestone passageway.

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BDnet Récréativ' is located on the charming Passage Lhomme, a cobblestone pedestrian street lined with workshop ateliers. The ivy-covered children's bookstore, with a selection of stuffed animals, toys and games, is accessed through BDNet at 26 Rue de Charonne. Large double doors beside BDnet on Rue de Charonne serve as the main entrance to Passage Lhomme, a passageway that stretches for a 120 metres and is a tranquil escape from a busy city.

An ivy-clad children's bookshop and toy store on a charming pedestrian cobblestone passageway.