Bellocq Tea Atelier

Tea Homeware

Brooklyn Store 104 West Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA


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  • Yellow and silver canisters of single-origin and blended teas
  • Tea room with plants and pink velvet sofas
  • Assorted luxury teawares from teapots to matcha goods

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An unassuming industrial door opens into a beautifully crafted, aromatic tea atelier. Yellow tea canisters line the aubergine walls next door to the pink velvet sofas in the plant filled tea salon. The tea atelier is located at Bellocq's 9,000 SF headquarters, where teas are blended, packaged and shipped around the world.

Located in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood, Bellocq Tea Atelier was founded in 2010 by Michael Shannon, Heidi Johannsen Stewart and Scott Stewart.

"Luxury, single estate teas from the finest gardens and signature, organic tea blends made in Brooklyn."


Bellocq Tea Atelier opened its first shop on London’s King’s Road in 2011. The Chelsea location, originally planned for a few months as a pop up shop, was so successful that it remained open for a year. This was followed by a shop in Greenpoint at Bellocq’s 9,000 SF headquarters, where teas are blended, packaged and shipped around the world. The Brooklyn shop has a serene ambiance, beautifully crafted interior and the delicious aroma of brewed tea. Michael and Heidi’s tea journey began many years ago, whilst working as designer and stylist at Martha Stewart Living they discovered a shared passion for tea. Inspired to start blending their own tea brand, they started Bellocq Tea Atelier in 2010.

Michael Shannon & Heidi Stewart, shopkeepers at Bellocq Tea Atelier


Michael and Heidi view tea drinking as an everyday luxury, moments to experience the ritual of tea making and drinking. Heidi’s favourite tea is Bellocq Breakfast that she drinks every morning, whilst Michael’s preferred tea is the evening blend, Ashram Afternoon.

Shopkeeper photo: Anna Williams