Botanique Workshop

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London Store 31 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 4QL, UK


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  • Bespoke, off-the-peg, and dried wedding flowers.
  • Hand-tied bouquet and flower crown-making workshops.
  • A selecion of handmade gifts and greeting cards.

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A flower and plant shop located on the charming Exmouth Market, a pedestrianized street lined with interesting independent shops and businesses. Botanique workshop was founded in 2011 by Alice Howard. The smart green shopfront boast a delightful display of blooms and plants.

Along with flowers and plants, Botanique Workshop offers a selection of artisanal gifts, a menu of workshops, wedding flowers, and flower subscriptions.

"We host popular flower workshops. From flower crown making to hand-tied bouquet arranging."