Cafebrería El Péndulo


Polanco Store Alejandro Dumas 81, Polanco, 11550 Mexico City, MX


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As its name indicates, Cafebrería el Péndulo began as a combination of cafeteria and bookstore, located in the Condesa neighborhood, in 1993. Since its original conception, other cultural and artistic manifestations were integrated, from an exquisite collection of records and art films, to cultural activities of all kinds, such as concerts, book presentations and literary courses. Over time, El Péndulo has evolved to become one of the most important cultural centers in Latin America.

El Péndulo now has seven branches, all within Mexico City. In each of them, there are the same characteristics that have distinguished it over time: an open and bright architecture with eclectic decoration that, together with its coffee bar-type tables, its living rooms, and its piped music, They achieve an unparalleled atmosphere. Its bookstores are distinguished by their excellent assortment and selection, specializing in literature, art and humanities.

THIS AMAZING CHAIN OF MEXICO  City bookstores normally follow multi-story floorplans incorporating café and restaurant facilities. A healthy serving of eye candy in the form of wooden floors, balconies with curvy green handrails, and living plants that seem to protrude from the shelves are common to the seven locations spanning the entire city. These stores will stir up your imagination, or at least give you something to look at as you stir your coffee.

Common items for sale include new titles or reprints of older books in both Spanish and English and music (CD and vinyl) sealed in plastic wrap. Designer items commonly with Mexican and literary themes porcelain luchador-themed salt and pepper shakers, or plush toys of William Shakespeare for example are abundant on the stores’ gift sections. Don’t expect to find old, rare books or to have to dig through dusty crates of trash and treasure in these chic establishments.

A ninety-year-old palm tree stands its ground as the focal point of the store at sixteen meters tall – a second home to those who indulge in a confetti of books