Champaca is an independent bookstore, based in Bangalore, India that embraces the outdoors. Named after the Magnolia Champaca tree, native to Southeast Asia, that is famous for its fragrant yellow flowers, Champaca is perched on the rooftop of a bungalow, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A tranquil bookstore where nature blends with the books. Founded in 2019 by ecologist Radhika Timbadia, the women-owned and run space, features a selection of titles to highlight lesser-known voices, publishers and regions.

In 2022 Champaca Goa opened in a bungalow with white walls, a red-tiled roof, shaded by tall coconut trees. The bookshop sits in the lush gardens of Mahé, a modern coastal cuisine hotspot in North Goa.

Champaca features a children's library section, workshops and events, adult reading challenges and is a lap-top free zone at the weekends.

"We believe that the relatively unheard needs more place on shelves and that no single voice should dominate."