City Foundry, an antique store specializing in industrial and mid-century modern furniture, lighting, art and artifacts opened on Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue in 2000. Established by Sohrab Bakshi City Foundry quickly became a go-to for architects, stylists and designers, doubling in size in the first two years.

In 2019 a second location boasting 4,000 square feet opened in Industry City, a historic manufacturing complex on the waterfront in the Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood.

Alongside the collection of 20th century furniture, lighting, art and objects, City Foundry offers their own line of furniture and lighting, CF Signature. Inspired by industrial and mid century influences, the goods are designed and hand crafted in Brooklyn.

City Foundry offers a rental service for designers, stylists, photoshoots, stage and television sets. They also provide expert, custom refinishing and upholstery services with the classic principles of mid 20th century aesthetics.

An antique store specializing in industrial and mid century modern furniture, lighting, art and artifacts.

Atlantic Avenue

Industry City