Wife & Husband

Coffee Antiques

Kyoto Store 〒603-8132, 106-6 Koyamashimouchikawarachō, Kita Ward, JP


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  • Antique-filled coffee shop.
  • Picnics to enjoy by the river.
  • Coffee roasted in-house.

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Wife & Husband is a coffee, picnic, and antique shop located on the banks of the Kamo River in Kyoto. Known for its, eye-catching shopfront display of baskets, stools, and tables, Wife & Husband will prepare a picnic - a coffee-filled thermos, a basket of treats, and rent chairs and folding tables - to be enjoyed by the river.

Established in 2015 by Ikumi Yoshida and Kyoichi Yoshida, the wife and husband who roast their own coffee beans in their antique-filled premises. Alongside their coffee they sell beautiful antique and vintage items such as plates, glasses, utensils, clothing, and decorative items.

"A few years ago, while looking for a place to live, we found an old, small house just 100 steps from the river that had been vacant for a long time, as if time had stopped. When I entered, there was a dirt floor and an impressive counter. At first glance, we knew this was the place for us. Once the badly damaged parts were repaired, the little house started ticking once again. I thought how happy I would be if I could put my feet on the ground here, live with my family, and run a shop."

Photography by Hendry Candra