Greenwich Locksmiths


New York Store 56 7th Avenue South, West Village, New York, NY 10014, USA


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  • Award-winning locksmith.
  • Store facade boasts a unique mosaic of keys.
  • West village landmark & Manhattan's smallest building.

New York Store

56 7th Avenue South


Award-winning Greenwich Locksmiths is housed in Manhattan's tiniest numbered building, measuring 125 square feet. In the middle of a block surrounded by trees and buildings back yards, Greenwich Locksmiths is a West Village landmark. The building was constructed in 1921 as a tire repair shop and purchased in 1980 by locksmith Phil Mortillaro who has decorated every inch of the store's facade with an incredible swirling mosaic of keys. The family business specializes in all aspects of key and lock duplication, repairs and installation of both the hi-tech and antique kind.

A West Village landmark and Manhattan's smallest numbered building.