Paris Store 13 Rue du Pont aux Choux, Le Marais, 75003 Paris , FR


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  • Metals custom cut to measure.
  • Metal sheets, rods, wire, screws and turned parts.
  • Original outfitted interior dating to 1919.

Paris Store

13 Rue du Pont aux Choux


Established in 1919, Tartaix is a Paris hardware store specializing in metals. Tartaix cuts to measure a variety of metals including copper, aluminum, steel, brass, zinc, and tin, to any shape and size. The most represented metal is brass, available in 900 different shapes - sheets , tubes, bars, and wires; 700 different types of screws; and 300 turned parts and small brass accessories for decoration, chandeliers, and cabinetmaking. An incredibly unique resource used by many designers, architects, and tradespeople.

To work all these metals, Maison Tartaix also sells professional tools and machines for cutting, filing, deburring, striking, welding, brazing, polishing, drilling, assembling, milling, tapping, but also surface treatment products, burnishers, patinas, anti-rust, rusting and rust removers, varnishes, and lubricants, diluents, neutralizers.

The interior of Tartaix remains untouched since it was first opened in 1919. The original sales counter, cutting workshops, fittings, drawers and lockers in solid oak, were so well designed that they have all withstood the test of time.

"Maison Tartaix is ​​aimed at everyone, from small craft workshops to large luxury houses, including individuals."

Closed daily from 12-2pm