Hudson Made

Apothecary Antiques Homeware

Otego Store 354 Main Street, Otego, NY 13825, USA


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  • Home of Hudson Made grooming and beauty products.
  • Local artist and artisan goods.
  • Historic 1820's building.

Otego Store

354 Main Street


Hudson Made Apothecary, located in an historic building on the western edge of the Catskills Mountains, showcases its namesake Hudson Made skincare brand alongside a collection of handmade products, homeware, and antiques. Established in 2022 by Bill Hovard who founded Hudson Made in 2012, a line of plant-based grooming and beauty products.

"Opening our flagship store in upstate NY has been a dream, where I can develop new products, innovate, explore, and interact with the community. 354 Main is where I find joy, and I feel fortunate to have become a steward of this beautiful building."


Why did you chose the name, 354 Main? We decided to name the shop 354 Main since it is a recognized address in the community, and the building acts as a hub supporting local artists and artisans with openings, product launches, fine art and performances. 

354 Main is the oldest surviving commercial building in the historic village of Otego and originates from circa 1820. In the late 1880's it was the Broadfoot Brothers General Store, and our efforts to restore this village treasure reference historical photography from that era. 

What are 354 Main's signature products? 354 Main is the flagship location for the Hudson Made Apothecary. People travel far and wide to purchase our proprietary Workers Soap and Morning Shift Body Wash. 

Bill Hovard, Founder & shopkeeper at Hudson Made


What inspired you to open 354 Main? 354 Main draws inspiration from our building's rich history as an early 19th-century general store, paying tribute to the long legacy of its shopkeepers throughout the decades and the independent spirit it embodies. We believe in the enduring significance of physical retail spaces and their ability to offer the public a distinctive experience. Our location seamlessly combines elements of a shop, the Hudson Made Apothecary, a gallery, and a gathering space for people to explore and enjoy.

What did you do before opening 354 Main? I founded the apothecary brand Hudson Made in 2012 in the Hudson Valley. Before starting Hudson Made, I resided in New York City for over 20 years with a thriving design and branding company. I worked with premier and internationally recognized luxury retail brands.


What are your favorite local independent businesses? My favorite local shops are my friends and neighbors. We are all friends and support each other, bringing more awareness to Catskills. 

I admire small independent shops and boutiques from around the world. When I travel to any city or town, I enjoy walking the streets to discover its cafes, coffee shops, bookshops, antique markets, and independent stores and boutiques.  


"Although the future of most retail is online, independent, physical shops will always hold relevance and offer a unique in-person experience that resonates most with consumers."

Portrait of Bill by Chris Kraig