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Paris Store 10 Rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris Paris, FR


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  • Colorful block-printed home textiles.
  • A rich mix of home decor patterns.
  • A selection of dresses and nightwear.

Paris Store

10 Rue du Château d'Eau


Jamini is a Paris-based design business at the intersection of traditional Indian artisan techniques and elegant French design. A Franco-Indian brand founded by Indian native Usha Bora who opened Jamini's 10th arrondissement store in 2013 to showcase her chic home decor brand.

Jamini is filled with colorful handcrafted home textiles, woven pieces and colorful block-printed goods, including pillows, towels, quilts, and table linens. A wonderful mix of complementary patterns. There is also a selection of printed women's accessories, dresses, and nightwear alongside Indian furniture and handmade notebooks.

"Usha’s quest for harmony between Indian and French cultures and her deep sense of curiosity has honed her aesthetic and creative talent to create a unique Franco-Indian style which is a perfect alchemy of two wonderful civilizations."