Liberia Puro Verso


Montevideo Store Avenida 18 de Julio 1199, Montevideo 11100, UY


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  • Located in a 19th century mansion.
  • Specializes in the humanities.

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Librería Puro Verso bookstore, founded in 2003, occupies the the ground floor of a 19th century mansion. Bookshelves line the tall walls of the space with its tall, arched windows and soaring ceilings allowing for a mezzanine to skirt the perimeter of the store. The basement houses the used book section and hosts book presentations, literary workshops, exhibitions, and other cultural events.

"A comprehensive library with more than 50,000 titles and 100,000 volumes, we specialize in different branches of Humanities, Science and Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy, History, Archaeology, Narrative, Poetry, Theatre... are topics with a great presence on our shelves."