Marché aux Puces Saint-Ouen

Vintage Antiques

Paris Market 99 Allée des Rosiers, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, 93400 Paris, FR

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  • Fifteen indoor, outdoor, and covered markets.
  • 1,700 specialty merchants.
  • An incredible source of inspiration.

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Founded in 1885, the world’s largest flea market, Marché aux Puces Saint-Ouen is located on the outskirts of Paris just a short metro ride from the center of Paris. It is comprised of 1,700 specialty merchants in fifteen individual markets - outdoor, indoor and covered. It is an incredible source of inspiration and a wonderful destination for a weekend browse.

Founded in 1885, Paris' Marché aux Puces Saint-Ouen is the world's largest flea market.


Marche aux Puces is a collection of 15 distinct markets each with its own specialities and unique character. Many stalls within these markets are beautifully merchandised with an inspiring point of view. These stalls, often open to the elements, offer exquisite vignettes masterfully staged by their knowledgable proprietors. The Marche aux Puces is a sprawling network of stalls, alleyways and markets where one could easily lose track of time. Some notable markets are:

Marché Vernaison , founded in 1920, has winding narrow alleyways lined with more than 300 stalls, many of which are covered and tented. The Marché Vernaison features wonderful vintage clothing and and textile merchants.  Tombees du Camion  had several shops featuring various collectibles from vintage lettering and lighting to indigo workwear featuring a collection of used paint cans. Always a fan of vintage linens, we fell in love with this beautifully displayed antique linen and textile collection.

Marché Paul Bert Serpette is the most popular market with designers, known for its avant-garde and trend-setting vendors has a wonderful selection of mid-century and industrial goods. The stalls here are more structured and spacious with wider alleys hinting at the pricier wares inside. Many of the stalls are so well staged they are like snapshots of beautifully designed homes.

Marché Dauphine is a more recent addition was constructed in 1991. This covered market is home to 180 vendors. As well as antique and vintage furniture there is the Booksellers’ Square and a good selection of vintage records. Most notable is the Futuro House, the iconic prefabricated home produced in the 1970s, an orange spaceship parked in one of the squares.