Muskhane, Paris


Paris Store 3 Rue Pastourelle, 75003 Paris, FR


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  • Soft and durable rugs, pillows and storage baskets.
  • Garlands, stars, bells, and pompom room decor.
  • Children's toys and animal slippers.

Paris Store

3 Rue Pastourelle


Colorful felted wool is shaped into decorative home goods including rugs, baskets, pillows, table mats and more, handcrafted from natural fibers. The collection also includes Children's soft toys, adorable animal slippers and room decor. The sustainable homewares are made in artisan workshops in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal following traditional processes that render the fabric soft, weather-resistant and sound-insulating. Muskhane was established in 2003 following a humanitarian project in Nepal by French couple Thierry and Valérie Billot who have created a socially and environmentally engaged brand.