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nicholasmossepottery nicholasmossepottery nicholasmosse

  • Handmade and painted pottery.
  • Traditional technique of sponge printed designs.
  • Selection of Irish handcrafts.

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An old stone mill on the River Nore is home to a store celebrating Nicholas Mosse pottery. Nicholas Mosse, and his wife Susan Mosse create pottery inspired by the Irish countryside, patterns that are sponge-printed onto each piece of pottery using an age-old tradition dating back to the 18th century. The mill offers the full range of Nicholas Mosse pottery as well as rooms dedicated to its history, the area, and the pottery, and includes viewing windows to watch potters at work.   

"Nick and his team, still to this day, make every single piece of pottery we produce by hand. We apply our patterns using an age old tradition dating back to the 18th century."