Pistachio & Pickle Dairy


London Store 6 Camden Pasage, London N1 8ED, USA


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  • Award-winning artisan cheeses.
  • Monmouth coffee & toasties.
  • Cheese cakes & hampers.

London Store

6 Camden Pasage


Pistachio & Pickle has two shops in London's Islington neighborhood, a cheese shop on Camden Passage and a coffee shop on Liverpool Street. Both locations serve Monmouth Coffee and cheese toasties, with the Camden Passage store also offering an award-winning selection of artisan British cheeses, chutneys and crackers.

Architect and born and bred East Ender, Steven Cooper was inspired by the love of great food and design to open Pistachio & Pickle in 2011 with the cheese shop opening in 2013.

"Islington has a rich dairy history - in the mid-19th Century there were some 170 dairy retailers, many buying their milk from Laycock's, Islington's largest dairy farm. The area became famous throughout London for supplying quality butter, cream, and cheese. Pistachio & Pickle revives something of that illustrious past."