Point of View is an extraordinary stationery store that beautifully presents all the necessary tools for visual projects and creative expression. Designed by Atlelier Écriture , the store spans three floors, each one dedicated to a different aspect, or point of view, of the creative process. Goods to explore different perspectives and appreciate the role of tools in creativity.

Point of View opened in 2021 within The Hyundai Seoul department store followed by the three-storey flagship in 2022. The flagship's three floors offer a wide range of tools from the functional to the extravagant; objects that inspire unique ways of thinking and exploration.

"At Point of View, we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and self-expression. Our curated shop offers a wide range of tools, including functional stationery such as paper and writing instruments, as well as inspiring objects that ignite inspiration and friction."

1F: Tool for Every Point of View

The first floor, named "TOOL for Every Point of View," is a large, bright space showcasing a wide range of tools and art books.

2F: Scene From Another Point of View

The Second floor, named "SCENE from Another Point of View", encourages contemplation and a shift in thinking. The vintage pencil signage on the walls highlights the infinite possibilities of pencils beyond their basic function, and there are zones related to creation, such as the Curation Box , Keyword Card , and Still Life Zone.

3F: Archive by Own Point of View

The third floor, "ARCHIVE by Own Point Of View," akin to an artist's studio, is filled with art papers, incense, fountain pens, unique objects and artworks to complete your own point of view.

"Join us at Point of View and embark on a journey to explore different perspectives, appreciate the role of tools in creativity, and experience a stimulating environment for self-expression."