Seodín means “little jewel” in Irish. An appropriate name for Maureen Harrison’s jewellery shops. After leaving school, Maureen worked in a local jewellery shop and through repair works in the service department, she learnt she had a natural talent as a jeweller. Inspired by the the Irish landscape, with its rich colours and patterns, and a passion for craftsmanship she launched her own jewelry collection, Seodín. She fulfilled her dream, opening her own shop in Ennis in 1996. Building on the success of her first store Maureen has opened three more boutiques, adding another store in Clare and shops in Dublin and Limerick. 

Seodín's bespoke jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Ireland from 9ct gold, 14ct gold-fill and sterling silver.

"Seoidín, an Irish word meaning ‘little jewel’, perfectly encompasses what Maureen believes to be our signature jewellery style."