Vintage Homeware Textiles

Brooklyn Store 111 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA


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  • Black over-dyed vintage patchwork quilts.
  • A wide range of antique floor coverings.
  • Custom cleaning and repair services for rugs and antique home textiles.

Brooklyn Store

111 Grand Street


A bright, naturally-lit space that is curated like a library, allows for easy viewing of Sharktooth's collection of antique and vintage textiles. There is a rotating inventory of floor coverings that originate from countries such as Persia, Turkey, Sweden and South America. Blankets, French linen tea towels, and a unique collection of over dyed quilts. The atmosphere is welcoming, the assortment easy to navigate and customers are encouraged to handle and discuss the products.

"We encourage same day trials, what people see in the store can be skewed. It needs to be a deliberate decision."


Kellen Tucker, a photographer, became passionate about textiles on a road trip from Maine to Athens, Georgia. She fell in love with the vintage quilts she came across, intrigued by the process, materials and history. Kellen started collecting and mending the quilts, and was surprised at how quickly they sold when she opened an online shop. Arriving in New York, she worked at Holler & Squall on Atlantic Avenue. Inspired by Holler & Squall owners, Zak and Gillette, Kellen opened her own shop, Sharktooth. Her first shop was in a former bail bonds space on Atlantic Avenue, which made for some interesting customer confusion, before moving in 2014, to her current location in Williamsburg. Kellen visits Brimfield several times a year to source the rugs and textiles, as well as visiting estate sales and auctions. Working with a local dye house, Kellen has refined the process for over-dying the quilts, creating a monochromatic new lease of life for these beautiful quilts. Kellen enjoys buying and selling, researching each product, and sharing the history with her customers.