Tulsishop is the vision of Deborah Nolan, world traveller and textile collector, offering laid-back, luxe clothing, perfect for the warm climes of Southern Italy. Tulsishop was founded in 2008 when Deborah converted the front of her house into a small shop. Today Tulsishop has expanded to four stores in the Puglia region of Italy.

"In Tulsishop every single item is coming directly from its source and I’ve picked it myself in villages in Mexico, markets in Africa or India, Vietnam, Thailand, directly from weavers and local artists."


What makes Tulsishop so unique? Is the fact that it sits perfectly in the front part of my home, so therefore creates a cozy and relaxed vibe, people enter, feel at home and often linger and chat .

Why did you choose the name? Tulsi is the Indian herb, basil which in India they use purely for puja and prayers, it sits on the temple as an offering. It’s a lovely similarity to our own basil we use here for cooking  in southern Italy .

What are Tulsishop's best sellers? Probably our best-selling or must have products are our beautifully hand-crafted cotton kaftans, often made with fabulous block print fabrics or hand loomed cottons.


What inspired you to open Tulsishop? I opened my shop after years of sourcing and collecting indigenous clothing and textiles from my extensive travels worldwide. I always dreamt of creating a space to show my findings and collections of beautiful pieces.

"I always enjoy when someone interesting comes into my shop and really gets it, someone who digs into the piles of collections of treasures stored in my cupboards and finds something unusual and unique to buy. It is always a treat when someone with great taste appreciates my finds!"

What inspires you? Life basically, people, traditions, tribes, faraway places, life experiences, daily routines, colours, nature all help towards creating something special and beautiful. I never look at high fashion or follow trends, I look beyond and the inspirations flows organically.

Before I was a shopkeeper, I.. I did many things in my life but somehow always related to clothes, styling and fashion. I am a creative and a massive traveller so always mixed the two things together resulting in exciting adventures.


Favorite shops

  • Egg in London

  • General Store in LA, CA

  • Sunroom in Austin, TX

  • Rose Bowl flea market in California 

  • Grand Bazaar in Istanbul 


"Long may it last! Nothing is more fun than going out for a day to the shops especially with my stylish mum."

The Tulsishops are open for the season from April to October. Times vary by store by month.