Vicolo Via Mameli


Milan Store Via Goffredo Mameli, 46, 20129 Milan, IT


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  • Hand-stitched patchwork quilts made from recycled textile scraps
  • Mid 1800s - early 1900s antique goods
  • Seasonal floral shopfront and window displays

Milan Store

Via Goffredo Mameli, 46


A gorgeous selection of beautifully presented homewares and gifts that marry an American craft sensibility with stylish Italian flair. With a penchant for antiques, handmade and nature, Vicolo Via Mameli offers a layered mix of period pieces, exclusive handcrafted products, quality handmade home goods and dried florals. We particularly love their patchwork quilts, hand-dipped beeswax candles and the pretty seasonal shopfront and window displays.

"We are so grateful for our tiny shop in Milan. Coming from small towns and humble beginnings, Nicola and I have always worked very hard for everything we have. Starting Vicolo was a dream for both of us, but putting all of our time, energy and savings into the business was a huge risk. We have to thank all of our neighbours, clients, friends, and followers for keeping us going."


When was Vicolo Via Mameli established? 2020

What makes Vicolo Via Mameli so unique? Probably the mix of my American background with Nicola’s unique Italian point of view. This mix can be seen through the juxtaposition of products like our hand-dipped tapered candles inspired by American Shaker culture, and the plants, dried flowers and other surprising natural elements, most of which come from Nicola’s hometown in the Italian Alps. 

Is there a story behind the shop name, Vicolo Via Mameli? Nicola and I are very similar in that we love to explore and discover hidden and secret areas whenever we are traveling. A ‘Vicolo’ is a tiny alleyway usually found in historic city centers. These little hidden alleyways are tucked away from the commercial and touristy areas, and provide a true look into the beauty and culture of each city. As a shop, Vicolo Via Mameli represents everything we want to stand for; stepping away from the commercial to discover the beauty of a quieter, simpler way of life connected to antiques, the handmade and nature. 

What are Vicolo Via Mameli’s best-selling products? So hard to choose! Probably a three-way tie between our tapered beeswax candles, our white ceramic collection that is made here in Italy, and any of the recycled glassware we have at the shop.  

Ryan Weimer & Nicola Pozzi, the shopkeepers at Vicolo Via Mamaeli


"We feel that the pandemic has further cemented our point of view on the future of retail moving back toward small businesses and away from the large shops and impersonal corporations."

What inspired you to open your shop? We decided to open our shop for several reasons but primarily because Milan is full of contemporary and we couldn’t find anything that felt like us. We wanted to create a warm, cozy atmosphere focused on functional and traditional objects, antiques and to represent a simpler and more casual way of life.

What did you do before Vicolo Via Mameli? Nicola worked in buying and sales for various fashion brands. Ryan has been a Creative Director working in communication. 

What inspires you? So much! Being in nature, Virginia Woolf, and Virginia and Leonard’s garden.


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Ryan : themontydon & paolo_abate

Nicola : ridge_and_furrow & cabincorn


"We really hope the future of retail is small business. The market is oversaturated with large mega-companies trying to take over every category, and I think people are starting to become aware of this. We feel that people are looking for a more special buying experience and want to know more about the products they are purchasing."

Vicolo Via Mameli closes daily from 2pm - 3.30pm