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North Fork Store 53850 Main Road, Southold, NY 11971, USA


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  • Plants and flowers from East End growers.
  • Vintage garden and botanical finds.
  • Unique, handmade art and objects by North Fork artisans.

North Fork Store

53850 Main Road


White Flower is a beautiful vintage botanical, garden and flower shop, featuring weekly refreshed vintage finds, plants, florals by the stem, custom made bouquets and arrangements made on site. The shop is outfitted with beautiful vintage cabinets and fixtures displaying a gorgeous selection of botanical-related goods. White Flower also offers services including photo styling services; tablescapes, weddings, and events; and fresh and dried floral installations.

Founded in 2022, a collaboration between two talented artists, florist Nathaniel Savage and White Flower Farmhouse shopkeeper, Lori Guyer. Together they renovated a century-old brick building and former party store on the North Fork of Long Island, in Southold.

"For any creative, space is paramount. A shop allows for room to explore ideas and support oneself in the process. I love having the same four walls each week and seeing how many ways to play with spatial design in our store to heighten and refresh the client experience."


What year was White Flower established? 2022

What makes White Flower so unique ? We source vintage one-of-a-kind items, foster partnerships with makers and artists in the area. We buy what we love and are mindful of where things come from. The concentration of color palette are shades of white, moss green, and soil brown. From a floral perspective we focus on a palette that is soft on the eyes, white florals dominant with green as the foundation. We support North Fork flower farmers, gardeners, and nurseries.

Why did you call the shop White Flower? Lori and I both lean towards simplicity. We wanted the shop to be complementary to White Flower Farmhouse. With a focus on outdoor living, gardening, and a flower shop shortening the name to White Flower was where we landed. A story Lori shared with me for the inspiration of the original store, White Flower Farmhouse, was stumbling upon an old farmhouse many years ago in late spring where the backyard was a white flower meadow. This was the dawn of her store White Flower Farmhouse. 

What are White Flower’s “must-have” products? Rare, vintage, estate urns, iron planters, unique bird baths, and old garden benches. 

Nathaniel Savage, shopkeeper at White Flower


What inspired you to open White Flower? Lori and I’s relationship and shared vision inspired us to open this shop. It is rare to meet someone who has an innate curiosity, openness to testing risky ideas, and complementing your shared visions. 

Do you have a favorite moment in the shop?  Our opening day we had a sparrow come swooping into the space, bringing energy, chaos, and good tidings. It is an omen of good fortune and I love whenever a space echoes its surroundings. 

Who or what inspires you? Isamu Noguchi, Andy Goldsworthy, Martin Margiela, and Constance Spry are inspiring artists I admire. The Long Island Sound, Colonial Williamsburg, and the Oregon coast. Sunlight flickering shadows off foliage, wildlife interacting with something I create, and areas where I feel small and nature’s vast scope is domineering. Most importantly, water. 

What did you do before White Flower? I Spent time between the dining room and fields of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Creative Brand Manager for JFR Restaurants, and a variety of roles in the arts, design, non-for-profits, and fashion. 



"The tactile cannot be replaced digitally, as convenient as online shopping may be. The ability to walk into a space and be inspired by the intentional arrangement of objects, plant life, and home goods is special.

The pandemic for many, including myself, was a shift in priorities, ideals, and a reflection on how I would like to spend the time I have been given on this earth. Retail to most is commercial, but for me it is community, especially when you live in a remote part of the country such as the North Fork. There is a different cadence to life than large cities such as Manhattan. Kindred spirits are drawn to each other, and shops have the ability to create a sense of belonging, inspiration, and connection."