Maker's Shops

Best Shops 2023

Talented maker's, artisans, and designers showcase their creative pursuits in these charmingly curated shops. Unique homewares, furniture, textiles, ceramics, clothing, stationery and skincare products that are handcrafted and beautifully presented often alongside a selection of complementary goods.

1. Berdoulat

Homeware Flowers Wine

A fabulously restored historic 18th century homeware shop.

Bath Store 8 Margaret's Buildings, Bath, BA1 2LP, UK

2. Michele Varian

Homeware Jewelry

A design-driven home goods, furniture and fine jewelry boutique.

Brooklyn Store 400 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

3. Meticulous Ink


Award-winning stationery shop that specializes in bespoke and fine stationery.

Bath Store 134 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BG, UK

4. The Merchant's Table

Homeware Ceramics Furniture

Unique hand-crafted objects home goods by British Makers.

Suffolk Store 10 Church Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1DH, UK

5. Javier S. Medina

Homeware Art

An artisan shop and workshop creating wicker, bamboo, and rattan animal heads and mirrors.

Madrid Store Calle de El Escorial, 28, 28004 Madrid, ES

6. FARM Soap Co

Beauty Gift Vintage

A shop showcasing locally-made handmade soaps and botanical skincare products.

Shaftesbury Store 1A Bell Street, Shaftesbury, SP7 8AR, UK

7. Straw

Vintage Homeware

Vintage Straw, Wicker & Crochet baskets and bags, plus a selection of homeware.

London Store 126 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG, UK

8. Marin Montagut

Homeware Gift Art Stationery

A charming and unique shop of handmade, painted curiosities, antiques and chic souvenirs.

Paris Store 48 rue Madame, 75006 Paris, FR

9. Orient Linen Co

Homeware Textiles Gift

Handmade table and bed linens, kitchenwares, vintage and a selection of gifts.

Orient Store 1100 Village Lane, Orient, New York 11957, USA

10. Handworked

Womenswear Gift

Handworked clothing brand alongside a collection of handcrafted goods.

Penzance Store 64 Chapel Street, Penzance, TR18 4AD, UK