Marin Montagut

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Paris Store 48 rue Madame, 75006 Paris, FR


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  • Recycled, hand-painted, customizable glassware.
  • hand-printed wall charts celebrating iconic Paris neighborhoods.
  • Marin Montagut's quirky illustrations on tableware, pillows, scarves & stationery.

Paris Store

48 rue Madame


Welcome to the charming and unique world of Marin Montagut, a shop that celebrates Parisian and world travel. Artist, cartographer and world traveler Marin Montagut has filled his namesake shop in Paris’ elegant 6th arrondissement with handmade and painted curiosities, antiques and chic souvenirs.

"I wanted to create my own place with a mix of my home in Paris, my Parisian studio and my cottage in Normandy."

Photo by Romain Ricard Photo by Romain Ricard


Marin Montagut is so unique how would you describe it?  My shop is a place where we can travel in the Paris from yesterday – where we can find objects of curiosity and dream in my very “Français” world. My shop is a mix of my Parisian home with my studio and my cottage in Normandy.  

Who designed the shop?  Studio Auguri by Giovanna Fragapane  

What are Marin Montagut’s signature items?  Our “Amour” hand painted glasses; “Jardin du Luxembourg” silk scarves; the “Jeune fills distinguée” hand-painted secret book: the “Bonjour Sicile” perfumed candle and our vitrine à merveilles.

Where do you make and find the products for Marin Montagut?  All my namesake products are hand painted in my Montmartre studio and the other products found during my trips around the world. Also, I work with craftsmen in France and Europe to develop new collections of products.  

What makes Marin Montagut so unique ? Because when you push open the door of my shop, you travel back to the Paris of yesterday.  

Who are Marin Montagut’s customers?  Local Parisians from both the 6th arrondissement and all over Paris and tourists, of course, for all the souvenirs of Paris that I sell!  

How has the internet impacted your business?  I also have an e-shop to sell our objects all around the world!  

Marin Montagut, shopkeeper


Who inspires you?  The women in my family : my mother, sister and grandmother!  

What inspires you?  Traveling all around the world, flea markets and antique objects.  

Before I was a shopkeeper, I….   I’m still a traveler around the world and on my Vespa every day around Paris to shoot for my TV show “MAPS”, collect some new treasures, develop some new products in my studio and working on my new book… 

Why did you open your shop?  Because it was the biggest childhood dream I wanted to realize one day: I wanted to create my own place with a mix of my home in Paris, my Parisian studio and my cottage in Normandy.  

Your favorite thing about owning an independent shop?  To be free and sell my own creations and products by myself and meet the people who buy my creations! 

Your advice for anyone wanting to open a shop?  The meeting with your shop has to be a love at the very first sight !  

What are your favorite shops? Maison Empereur  à Marseille, La Graineterie  à Paris au Marché d’Aligre, A Vida Portuguesa  à Lisbonne,  Deyrolle  à Paris.  

Photography by Romain Ricard