The brand Alix D. Reynis features refined white porcelain ceramics and homeware, many with delicate designs, and vermeil and gold fine jewelry. Established in 2011 by Alix D. Reynis who traded her legal career for her self-taught métier.

The Marais boutique opened in 2018 followed by the St. Germain store in 2020. Both shops feature dark, rich interiors that showcase the delicate white porcelain ceramics. The ceramics range include tableware, lighting, candles, and a variety of home goods from name plates and hooks, to vases and soap dishes. Many of the ceramics can be personalized with names and decorative gold monogrammes making them ideal and unique gifts.

"Pure, refined, simple and timeless are the adjectives that best define the style of the pieces designed by Alix D. Reynis."

Alix D. Reynis, Le Marais

Alix D. Reynis, St. Germain

Quote from Alix D. Reynis website