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Vintage Homeware

Paris Store 12 rue St Sabin, 75011 Paris , FR


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  • Vintage and secondhand home decor and art.
  • Upcycled "third hand" pieces.
  • Vintage furniture and lighting.

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A stunning vintage store that beautifully showcases amazing collections of decorative home goods and furniture. There is a clever use of a restrained color palette through out the space punctuated with pops of color for impact. Every month the displays are completely reworked. As well as the vintage second hand goods, AXS Design creates one-of-a-kind “third hand” pieces, unique up-cycled objets.

Interior and set designers, Ariel Novak and Sydney Sabatier. The partners traded their day jobs in finance and an art gallery to pursue their creative dreams. Together they have a unique take on the vintage items they style. A New Caledonia native, Sydney came to Paris to pursue his studies and made it his home. Vintage pieces that evoke memories for Ariel are new discoveries for Sydney, so this combined unique perspective gives their work a fresh “new-eye”.

Located in a charming courtyard in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. The building was a former iron foundry as evident by the equipment that embellishes the facade. This delightful courtyard is also home to Antoinette Poisson, a ceramicist and painter’s workshops.

“For the sake of ecology, the circular economy and consumption, we strongly hope that the future of retail will change considerably – if not completely! – in the direction of crafts, local trade and second-hand. Contemporary and mass production should stop!”


AXS Design was established in 2017, initially as online business with the shop opening in 2021. Neither Ariel nor Sydney have any formal design training. But they both possess a unique and innate talent to create magical interiors. The first ventures they undertook included restoring chairs and a restaurant project. As demand grew for their particular skills, Ariel and Sydney amassed a catalogue of more than 6,000 pieces. It is this amazing inventory that allows them to re-stage and refresh the store monthly.

What makes AXS Design so unique? As interior and set designers, we select all the pieces you would need for your interior – or your exterior – only with selected vintage and second-hand pieces. We mix styles and eras and strive to find everyday basics as well as unique and rare treasures.

Is there a story behind the shop name? AXS Design is Ariel x Sydney, the initials and association of two art and object collectors, two history and design enthusiasts. We each have our sensitivity and AXS presents the combination of our two horizons and our two tastes.

What are AXS Design’s best-selling products? Our best sellers are first and foremost everyday pieces: a mismatched table and chair set, a table service that mixes materials (porcelain, iron clay, sandstone, earthenware, etc.) and French and European earthenware (Limoges , Sarreguemines, Digouin, Gien, etc.)

We also strive to offer unique and rare pieces that will take on their full meaning in the universe of each interior.

We also make “third hand” pieces, unique design pieces that we divert from their primary use to give them a place in our homes: statuette of Christ with an ostrich egg instead of the head, bridal globes in which we compose scenes of curiosities with dominoes, chess pieces, corals and other curiosities.


Ariel Novak & Sydney Sabatier, the shopkeepers at AXS Design

What did you do before having your own shop? Before the creation of AXS Design, Sydney worked in finance and Ariel in a contemporary art gallery. The desire to create our own aesthetic and to work with our hands was so strong that we left our respective jobs and created AXS Design by offering professionals and individuals an interior decoration service with our catalog of more than 6000 vintage pieces.

What inspired you to open AXS Design? We draw our inspiration from history, fashion and music, decoration and design. We created AXS Design to meet the demand to be able to combine the “beautiful” and the “sustainable” in our interiors.


Favorite shops

  • Antoinette Poisson and small fashion designers around le Marais.

  • Atika in London for the vintage clothes.

  • Le Marché des Enfants Rouges in Paris for this unique food court market

  • 21 21 design in Tokyo for its unique vision of contemporary art !


“Following the pandemic, customer consumption has changed. Many are refocusing on essential and authentic pieces, made with the least impact on our planet and with small businesses on a human scale like ours.”

Shopkeeper photo : Romain Ricard for ELLE Decoration