Cactus Store


New York Store 5 Essex Street, Lower East Side, New York, NY 10002, USA

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  • Magical urban garden retreat.
  • Rare and intriguing cacti specimens.
  • Selection of Cactus Store goods.

New York Store

5 Essex Street


The New York outpost of famed Los Angeles Cactus Store is a seasonal greenhouse open during the spring and summer growing seasons. Established in 2016, Cactus Store is located in a vacant lot on the Lower East Side. The front of the lot is planted with building-height Vivax bamboo, palms, cycads, ferns, and mosses, creating the perfect entrance to this intriguing plant shop. At the back of the lot a series of greenhouses made from aluminium wrapped in a translucent fabric-reinforced poly-film, filled with all manner of incredible cacti.

A seasonal greenhouse, tucked behind a grove of building-height Vivax timber bamboo, filled with rare and incredible cacti specimens.