Conservatory Archives is a plant shop. It’s a rough-and-ready space on Hackney Road in London that is turning the concept of houseplants on it’s head… When I visited I could hardly move around the two small rooms, let-alone get a collection of wide shots to show you just how wonderful it is. I ended up making quite good friends with the plants and had to clamber my way amongst them. As you do.

This is more than just a plant shop; as well as putting together installations, providing plants-for-hire for photoshoots/filming and good old maintenance, Jin and Giacomo (they run Conservatory Archives) have created a space that inspires. It’s impossible to leave the shop empty handed as their prices are frankly brilliant (plus you’ll have a full camera roll) but more than that, you leave wanting to fill your home with greenery and you start to think that, maybe it’s okay to fill all of the empty space with plants?

Jin Ahn, The Shopkeeper and founder of Conservatory Archives.

Words & Photographs by India Hobson of Haarkon