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Peasenhall Store Peasenhall , Suffolk, IP17 2HJ, UK


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  • Signature Suffolk Black Ham smoked in the heritage smokehouses.
  • Nitrite-free bacon cured with natural sea salt and spices.
  • Emmett's Store café.

Peasenhall Store



Emmett’s Store is the oldest artisan ham and bacon producer in the U.K. Established in 1820 the business still operates from the original premises in the small village of Peasenhall, Suffolk.

Emmett's Store signature product, Suffolk Black ham, has a loyal following and held a royal warrant for over 30 years, is immersed in a black Porter marinade for up to 6 weeks prior to being smoked in the heritage smoke houses imparting an amazing depth of flavor and color.

As well as Emmett's signature meats that are smoked in the heritage smokehouses behind the store there is a selection of fine local and international foods; cheeses, charcuterie, pantry items, produce, wine, and sweet treats.

"Established in 1820 we still operate and reside from our original premises in the small village of Peasenhall, Suffolk close to the Georgian coastal towns of Southwold and Walberswick ."


What are Emmett's Store's signature products? Suffolk Black ham (for which we held a royal warrant for over 30 years) and naturally cured bacon.

Has Emmett's Store remained in the same family all these years? The shop used to be called Tunmer but changed hands within the family to cousins Emmett’s in 1898/1899. In May 2000 I I bought it off the family.

Mark Thomas, Shopkeeper at Emmett's Store


What inspired you to become a shopkeeper? My first shop was in Bungay, Suffolk which I opened in 1997. My concept was to sell food just from East Anglia. Emmett's was my first supplier and I bought it off the family in May 2000.

Why do you love being a shopkeeper? Pride at still being independent and owning a business with heritage and history.

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"Smaller independents who offer uniqueness, service and style will do well."

Photography by Stuart Hollis at hollisphotography.com