Greenery Unlimited


Brooklyn Store 91 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA


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  • A selection planters, tools, accessories and horticultural knowledge for the plant-curious.
  • A vast array of indoor plants from big to small.
  • An example of a green living wall.

Brooklyn Store

91 West Street


A lush urban jungle in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood, Greenery Unlimited specializes in bringing the outdoors inside. Founded by Adam Besheer and Rebecca Bullene, Greenery Unlimited opened in 2019 in a former warehouse building along the waterfront. The high ceiling height allows for tall plants and trees, hanging plants, and a vertical garden also known as a green living wall. Nestled between the plants and arches of the nursery are a table and chairs as well as the Instagram-friendly hanging chair, providing inspiration for the promise of indoor jungles.

Whether buying a plant or planning a larger project, Greenery Unlimited will advise, plan and maintain the projects they install.

"Tending to indoor plants creates a mutually beneficial exchange between people and nature, tuning our senses to the subtle needs of living things."