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Orient Store 35800 Main Road , Orient, NY 11957, USA


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  • I&Me biodiverse grown heritage and global produce.
  • Delicious products from local, small producers.
  • Serving tasty complementary espresso.

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A 60-year-old farm stand is home to Mimi and Stuart Edelman's I&Me Farm Store. Lovingly restored after 20+ years of disuse, Stuart has even added electricity to the farm stand so that ice cream, cheese, and oysters can be kept chilled and he can serve espresso to his customers whilst they shop. The Farm Store sells an impressive array of goods.

Produce from I&Me Farm, directly behind the stand, is a small-scale independent farm embracing biodiversity farmed by Mimi Edelman. Mimi farms a diverse selection of seasonal heritage and global produce including shiso, tatsoi, edible flowers and za'tar, as well as beans, tomatoes and lettuces. The I&Me website includes a calendar of seasonal produce by month.

Alongside I&Me produce there is a selection of cheeses, ice cream, baked goods, bread from 1610 Bakehouse, both local chicken and duck eggs, Peeko oysters, and Mattituck mushrooms. I&Me Farm offer a CSA farm box that provides a spark of culinary inspiration and a delight to the palate.

"Each harvest box offers the season’s aromatics, texture, color and taste curated by the farmer."

Stuart & Mimi Edelman, I&Me Farm Store


Champions of the farm to table movement, Mimi and Stuart Edelman spent nine years in Bedford, New York in the Lower Hudson Valley farming and supplying local chefs before moving to Long Island's North Fork. Mimi, with her background in farm-based education, and Stuart offer a spectrum of flavors through their produce and farm store.

"I&Me Farm stewards the land with organic and biodynamic practices. The farm embraces biodiversity growing heritage and global ingredients for chefs and consumers."