Librarie Jousseaume


Paris Store 45-46-47 Galerie Vivienne, 75002 Paris, FR


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  • One of Paris' oldest bookshops established in 1826.
  • Antiquarian and secondhand books, prints and engravings.
  • Located in the landmarked Galerie Vivienne.

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Librarie Jousseaume is a bookshop located in the magnificent Galerie Vivienne, one of Paris' stunning covered passages. Founded in 1826, Librarie Jousseaume is one of the passageway's original tenants. When the bookstore was first opened it was named Librairie Petit-Siroux, which still appears as signage on the glass door. The current proprietor, Francois Jousseaume, great-grandfather acquired the business in 1890, changing the name to Librarie Jousseaume.

The bookshop occupies two stores facing each other across the passageway. They are filled with antiquarian and secondhand books, prints and engravings, dioramas of Paris' famous passageways, cards and stalls displaying paperbacks and sale items. Librarie Jousseaume is available for photo shoots, filming, and private events.

Galerie Vivienne opened in 1826 and is a wonderful neoclassic covered passageway with a mosaic-tiled floor, cupola, and glass roof. At 176 meters long and three meters wide it is home to many charming shops, and was listed as a historic landmark in July 1974.

Established in 1826, Librarie Jousseaume is one of Paris' oldest bookstores.