Galerie Vivienne

Historic Covered Passage: Paris

Galerie Vivienne is a stunning example of one of Paris' iconic covered passages. Built in 1823 in the neo-classical Pompeian style, Galerie Vivienne became listed historical monument since 1974. The floor is covered with elaborate mosaics and light filters in through the stunning glass roof. Galerie Vivienne is conveniently located in the center of Paris between the Bourse and Palais Royale, and has three entrances via Rue de la Banque, Rue Vivienne and Rue des Petits Champs.

Within the gallery are many historic shops and restaurants, including a wine cellar and gourmet food store, antiquarian books, antique shops, women's fashion and a classic toy shop.

1. Librarie Jousseaume


Historic bookshop located in the spectacular Galerie Vivienne.

Paris Store 45-46-47 Galerie Vivienne, 75002 Paris, FR

2. Athanase Gribaudo Vandamme

Antiques Art

Antique shop specializing in maps, engravings and globes.

Paris Store 6 Galerie Vivienne, 75002 Paris, FR

3. Si Tu Veux


A toy shop offering classic toys and books from the last 50 years.

Paris Store 68 Galerie Vivienne , 75002 Paris, FR

4. Mad et Len


Unique, sculptural handcrafted perfumes, candles and pot pourri.

Paris Store 27 Galerie Vivienne, 4 Rue des Petits Champs, 75002 Paris, FR

5. Nathalie Garçon


Designer offering slow fashion and re-worked vintage womenswear.

Paris Store 15-17 Galerie Vivienne, 75002 Paris, FR

6. Legrand Filles & Fils

Wine Food

Wine merchant and gourmet food shop established in 1880.

Paris Store 1 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris, FR

7. Galerie Etna

Antiques Art

Antique store specializing in nineteenth and early twentieth art.

Paris Store 64 Galerie Vivienne, 75002 Paris, FR

8. Wolff & Descourtis

Accessories Textiles

Richly-colored and intricately-patterned shawls and scarves.

Paris Store 18 Galerie Vivienne, 75002 Paris, FR