Mad et Len creates hand-crafted, artisanal perfume, candles, and pot pourri inspired the surrounding nature of the South of France where the atelier is located. The Paris boutique is situated in the historic and stunning Galerie Vivienne, a fittingly elegant home for this niche fragrance house.

Founded in 2007 by Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut, the Mad et Len name is a nod to Proust's A Rememberance of Things Past, the poetic description of recalled memories evoked by the taste of a little crumb of a madeleine cake. The distinctive Mad et Len products are presented in one-of-a kind hand- crafted black containers from rolled iron by artisans. The sculptural pot pourri is composed from perfumed black lava rocks or colored stones with a choice of lid shapes.

The brand offers 23 scents across their unique range of perfume, candles, and pot pourri.

"We support a craftsmanship ecosystem: from handcrafted iron, hand-blended perfumes to hand-filled bottles, everything is handmade by our small but talented team of artisans at the atelier."