P&T Knitwear

Books Coffee

New York Store 180 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002, USA


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  • Dedicated section on NYC-based fiction and history, and business & technology.
  • State-of-the-art podcast recording studio free to use and open to the community.
  • A well-stocked children's and YA sections.

New York Store

180 Orchard Street


A bookstore committed to the power of stories, creativity, curiosity, and a difference, as well as a free-to-use podcast studio, a community event space, and a cafe, the employees are afforded full benefits whether they’re full time or hourly. P&T Knitwear was founded in 2022 by venture capitalist, writer, and New Yorker Bradley Tusk who chose the name as a nod to his grandfather's business, P&T Knitwear. The original P&T Knitwear was around the corner on Allen Street, established in 1952 by Hymie Tusk and Mike Pudlo, immigrants and survivors of the Holocaust.

The colorful bookshop houses over 10,000 new titles with a section dedicated to both fiction and non-fiction books featuring New York City, there is a well-stocked children's section, and the amphitheatre-style event space can hold up to 85 guests. Adjacent to the café the "story" wall honors the family history with a blown-up black & white photo of the 1950s store and the story transcribed beside it.