Plant The Future


Miami Store 8484 North East 2nd Avenue, Miami


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  • Living moss murals, moss walls, and framed moss art.
  • Lladró planted white porcelain animal scuptures.
  • Terrariums and planted crystals.

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A nature-inspired biophilic design studio, plant shop, and botanic art gallery in the Little River Art District, Miami. Plant the Future was founded by artist and designer Paloma Teppa who creates fabulous moss murals, living art installations and botanical art.

"Being surrounded by plants helps us to be fearless and understand who we are. Plants are healers, they can shift our memories and nurture our souls."


What year was Plant The Future established? January 1 2008.

Why did you choose the name Plant The Future? Because it’s the future I want to give to my daughter’s and the new generations to come.

What is Plant The Future best known for? Our best example of successful design is the ‘1 Hotel’ at Miami Beach with 150 residences and 346 hotel rooms, common areas, and the ‘Daylife Swimmer’ Moss Mural in collaboration with artist 2Alas at the lobby. Also, people recognize us for our terrariums, moss murals and landscape design.

What are the most popular products in your shop? Munnys garden, amethyst garden, half-moons terrariums, home fragrance, air plants horses.

Where are your products sourced and made?   Almost everything is sourced locally, we feel very proud and happy for that. All our products are hand made in our studio.

What makes your shop unique? Through art and design (biophilic design) we invite our guest to enjoy the beauty of the plants and their soul helping us to reconnect with our own nature. Our intention is to create a new dimension where humans can be in peace, happiness and love. Being surrounded by plants helps us to be fearless and understand who we are. Plants are healers, they can shift our memories and nurture our souls.

Who are your customers? Everybody, human beings can share the love of plants. Nature does not have judgement. 

How has the internet impacted your business? Instagram has been a great platform to share our work.

Paloma Teppa, shopkeeper at Plant The Future


Who inspires you? My daughter and the future generations to come. 

What inspires you? It is always mother nature.

Why were you inspired to open Plant the Future? It was a client who pushed me to open the shop, before I was working from my garden at home.

The hardest lesson learned in starting a business? The hardest lesson was to delegate and to understand that every day has a challenge to overcome. 

Your favorite thing about owning an independent shop? To make the world I dream.



"It is very optimistic, It will become the new living room where we can socialize and share the experience with other people." 

Paloma Teppa portrait & 1 Hotel Photography by Livio Mancinelli @ liviomancinelli